Reposession Services

Central Ohio Recovery offers 24 hour repossession services with the ability to repossess automobiles, boats, ATVs, tractor trailers, office equipment, and a multitude of other collateral. Any specific requirements can be discussed so that we may meet your needs.

Our repossession fees include the following:
  • Transportation to our location
  • Condition report
  • Digital photos at your request
  • Personal Property Inventory
  • Personal Property Storage / Release / Disposal
  • Personal Property Letters *
* For an additional fee we will send a letter to the debtor concerning his/her personal property.
An additional fee may be assessed should it be necessary to relocate the collateral from our storage facility.

An additional fee may be assessed should you decide to sell/auction your collateral from our location.

An additional fee may be assessed for location skip work necessary to find a debtor. These investigations would be conducted only with prior approval from your office.